You can never go wrong with these Zero Waste Essentials

I have made A LOT of zero waste purchases for the past year.

I felt ashamed because it defeats the purpose of a zero-waste lifestyle, since most of the products that I have bought I haven’t really used more than twice since I bought them.

The goal of the zero waste lifestyle switch is to minimize the amount of trash you are throwing out. In order to achieve this goal, the product should be used up and the packaging should not be single-use. It should be reusable, recyclable, or biodegradable. I have defied this goal a couple of times when I was just starting out in my zero waste journey because I didn’t know what my essentials products were. (You can check out my other blog post regarding the do’s and don’ts of starting a zero-waste lifestyle here). It is really important to know what products you often use to know which one you would be willing to switch and constantly use.

After going through that phase where I tried different variations of products that caught my attention, I was finally able to establish my zero-waste essentials.

Here are the Top 3 Zero Waste Essentials You Can Never Go Wrong With

1. Metal Safety Razor

Before discovering old-fashioned metal safety razors, I used to buy disposable razors in bulk. I even tried the ones where you can replace the blades and keep the handle, but it never really worked out for me. I’d usually lose the refills and end up buying a new razor instead. I then realized that I’ve been spending A LOT on disposable razors, which not helpful both for my pocket and for the environment. Because of this realization, I ended up investing in a metal razor I bought from the first zero-waste fair I attended. You can replace the blades and buy them in bulk. The great thing about my metal razor is that it’s sturdy, relatively cheaper in the long run, and I’ve used it regularly ever since. I’m not only helping the environment, but I’m also helping my finances because of this purchase.

If you don’t know where to get one, I bought mine here.

2. Collapsible Cup

I am a person who’s always on the go. Because of the hot weather in the Philippines, I always end up getting thirsty whenever I’m outside. I used to buy bottled water in stores or bringing a tumbler with me to keep me hydrated. The problem with that is it was too bulky and annoying to carry around. Sometimes the water would spill in my bag and get all of my things wet. When I discovered collapsible cups, I became so happy. I was able to bring with me a cup that doesn’t take too much space in my bag. Whenever I get thirsty, I find nearby water refilling stations to fill up my cup at a cheaper price compared to buying bottled water. I also use my cup whenever I buy drinks in stores and I get discounts. Because of my collapsible cup, I get to save money, get discounts, and save the environment. How awesome is that?

For great quality collapsible cups, you can check out on Instagram and on Facebook.

3. Reusable Menstrual Pads and Panty Liners

It is no secret that women spend on (and dispose of) tons of period products in their lifetime. It’s an inevitable expense that we incur monthly.

Just because it is an inevitable occurrence, it doesn’t mean it has to continually contribute to the amount of waste we throw out. In this realization, I became determined to lessen my use of disposable period products. I opted for the reusable menstrual pads and panty liners that I can just wash after every use. Disposable period products are not only bad for your budget and the environment, but they are also bad for your health. Prolonged use of disposable menstrual pads and panty liner is bad for your health because it contains a lot of chemicals. It is also money down the drain every after use.

So invest in good quality reusable menstrual products. They are cheaper in the long run and safer for you and for the environment.

Check out these cute quality menstrual pads at

Our preferences may vary in the types of products we use based on our location, hair type, and skin type which is why I would not recommend the use of bamboo toothbrushes in a cold place like Baguio because it will easily mold, and I would also not recommend the use of facial bars when you have sensitive skin because they can cause irritation and may not be the right formulation for you. But when it comes to the essentials, here is my top 3: 1. Metal Safety Razor, 2. Collapsible Cup, and 3. Reusable Menstrual Cloth Pads and Panty Liners. You will never go wrong when you have got these in your hands.

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  1. Great read. Although I couldn’t relate much to the reusable pads😅, I still enjoyed the content. Keep up the great work!

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