Investing for Beginners with Little Money

I started with Php300 as my first investment


When I moved to Manila, I had nothing more than Php4,000 in savings. I had just graduated from college and the little money that I had were mostly gifts from relatives from when I had graduated with honors. My allowances when I was studying was only enough for one meal. Because of this, I did not have a lot of money to save up.

When I started working, I looked for ways on how I can grow my very little savings and a part of my income. I stumbled upon ways on how to save up and invest with just little money in my bank account.

1. Open a GSave and GInvest account

As a newly graduate, I tried looking for alternative investments that were not as risky and expensive as the stock market. For someone who did not have a lot of money, I was eager to put my first investment in products that gave high interest and are low risk. It is when I came across GSave and GInvest by Gcash.

The first thing you need to do in order to avail of these products is to open a GCash account.

Get Php70.00 when you register here:

How it works


GSave is a savings account where you can earn 4.1% annual interest when you deposit at least Php1. The interest rate of GSave is relatively higher compared to conventional banks which is only around 1% at most. GSave does not have a minimum deposit requirement. You can deposit your money via 7/11 and other bayad centers near you. If you want to withdraw your money, you may do so in any BancNet ATMs. Just purchase their card online for only Php150-Php250 (Metro Manila and Provincial Rates respectively) and connect it in your GCash account. Pretty convenient if you ask me.


GInvest is an investment product offered by GCash. It is a money market fund that is very liquid and easy to invest in. All you need to do is to add money to your GCash account and subscribe to the GInvest feature. You may invest for as low as Php50.00 and get up to 3% annual interest.


2. Invest in Mutual Funds

I started investing in mutual funds for as low as Php1,000. The benefits of investing in mutual funds are: They are inexpensive, the level of risk in your investments is low, and fund managers will manage your investments for you so that you won't have to worry about them. COL Financial is an online brokerage platform where you can invest in stocks and mutual funds at a low cost.

How it works

To open an account with COL Financial, you will need 1 valid ID, a TIN number and ID, a signed copy of their application form, and an existing Philippine bank account.

Once your application is approved, they will send you your COL account number via email. You will be given 3 months to fund your account for it to be active. Once your account is funded and active, you may now buy mutual funds for as low as Php1,000.

These mutual funds have minimum holding periods, which means that you cannot sell them if a certain amount of days specified has not yet passed. It can be for 90 days to 120 days depending on the fund you invested in. You can invest in a bond fund, equity fund, index fund, or balanced fund.

3. Invest in our farmers

I've always wanted to invest in farmland, crops, and farm animals. But since I do not have the time and the capital to buy my own farm, I looked for alternatives. I have recently discovered an online cooperative that helps fund our local farmers with very little investment needed. You can check them out at

How it works

You need to register on their website and choose a project that you are interested in. The minimum amount of investment needed per project varies from Php2,000 to Php20,000. I started with as little as Php4,000, investing in 2 projects (Php2,000 per project) which are the tilapia and chicken farming. There are also other projects which might interest you such as melon farm, dragon fruit farm, and rice procurement project. Again, the investment needed varies per project.


Getting extra income through investing doesn't have to be expensive and complicated. We should also abandon the idea that investing is just for the rich and that it is difficult for the average person to invest. Anyone and everyone can invest. You just have to educate yourself on how to handle and grown your money properly. If you have questions or things that you want to discuss with me about investing, you may comment down below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Happy investing!

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  1. Good read. I honestly want more content like this. Self-help and tips on how to “adult”. Keep the great work 👍

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